Let me just say, the eyebrows are very wrong.

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bored ( . Y . )


true friendship is talking about masturbating and it not being weird 

“And then you’re just laying there in bed by yourself with your pants around your ankles…” Hahaha elshajean

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Really I’m just happy to have a bathtub again.

Anonymous asked: What's with the new icon? looks like a bad tattoo from the 90s. Is that intentional?






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The number should definitely be “18”

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1) “My feed (full of people I admire) is mostly just a loud, stupid, sad place… I think I’m following the right people, I’m just seeing the worst side of them while they’re stuck in an inhospitable environment. […] Christopher Alexander made a great diagram, a spectrum of privacy: street to…

As this relates to me- Instagram is the street, twitter is my front porch, tumblr is my living room, and then there’s the things that never even leave my head. Those thoughts are the best ones.

I could never be that rude to my dad, even sarcastically. He’s the sweetest person ever.

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